Website Makeover!

01-Apr / 3 COMMENTS

I am happy to announce a pretty sweet-lookin’ new version of my actor website.  As a person who struggles with all forms of technology, I find it difficult to get things like websites and social media accounts up and running.  This is why the previous version of my website was a less than breathtaking little nook on the web (which is OK, too).  But my friends: Danielle Menendez and Jareau Almeyda, along with my hubby: Sean Wilson, gave me the push I needed to make it better.  Well…they made it better.  I just nodded my head when asked “Does this look OK?”  Thanks to my friends’ nudges and my hubby’s dedicated work, I now have a perpetually-under-construction website that I can be proud of.  Please feel free to poke around, and share your thoughts in the comments! 🙂

friends website
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