My national commercial is making it’s rounds!

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Almarie in the Credit Karma commercial

A couple of months ago, I booked a national commercial for CreditKarma.com.  I traveled to Jacksonville to shoot it, and it turned out to be one of the funnest shoots of my career.  The director was fun, the cast was hilarious, the crew was a blast to work with, and the clients were a joy.  Now that the commercial is making it’s rounds, I am so touched every time one of my friends or family comments on my Facebook profile, or calls me to tell me “I just saw you on TV!”  Even my cousin in my homeland, Puerto Rico, got to see it.  In the entertainment industry, you don’t get to choose your schedule very often.  I’ve had to work through family birthdays (including my own), my wedding anniversary, Christmas, New Year’s eve, Thanksgiving dinners, family reunions, graduations of loved ones, etc.  You lose a lot of friends that way, and many family members end up hurt.  But I feel blessed to be surrounded by some of the most supportive people I’ve ever met.  I am very luck to have friends and family that are still excited to see my face on the screen, even though we may not have been in touch for a while.  And there is something surreal–as my friend who saw the commercial in Oregon put it– about visiting your friends and family through your work on their TV screen.  So in the end, a fun day at work turned into re-connections with some people I’d lost touch with.  I love my job.

almarie commercial Credit Karma
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